Growth Mindset Tools For Kids

Give them the best start in life with self esteem, confidence, gratitude, self-awareness, dreaming big & overcoming fears

Growth Mindset Tools for Kids

Give them the best start in life with confidence, gratitude, self-awareness, dreaming big, overcoming fears and more!

The 6 Pillars of Emotional & Personal Development... But Fun!

A 12 week journey to better understand the world around them. Little Big Journal gives you a frictionless & fun way to connect on a deeper level.

Self Awareness Exercises for Kids

Weeks 1-2 Self Awareness

Exploring what makes them happiest & what they’re good at, tapping into the emotions they’re feeling, then navigating and confronting them with fun, light and engaging activities.

Weeks 3-4 Overcome Fear

Identify, understand & work toward overcoming fears, we put them into perspective through fun thought exercises & activities that will give you an insight into what’s really on their mind.

Overcoming Fears Children
How to dream big

Weeks 5-6 Dream Big

Inspiring activities to cultivate creativity, dreaming big and innovation. Giving them an entrepreneurial growth mindset & teaching how their goals are possible to achieve.

Weeks 7-8 Community & Environment

Activities to make a positive change in the world, both big and small. In the home and in their environment, and learning the importance of family and community.

Community and environment exercises for kids
teach kids empathy exercise

Weeks 9-10 Empathy, Kindness & Respect (Emotional Development)

Create deeper connections with family and friends by developing empathy, through engaging stories and activities, giving them a huge head start in their emotional development.

Weeks 11-12 Gratitude and Appreciation

Activities teaching the power of gratitude and providing peace of mind, understanding what is important in life and how to appreciate, enjoy and focus on the positive things, both big and small.

Community and environment exercises for kids

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